Wednesday, August 4, 2010

2010 Big Orange Invitational

The 2010 Big Orange Invitational met with great success last July, as a full compliment of shooters competed in the heat.

Many thanks go out to our 4H and club volunteers who worked hard to make this shoot a success.

There was a lightning induced delay to the Doubles event, which was resumed Saturday after the 12 and 20 gauge events were shot. Brandon Cade, Cameron Hill and Carter Wehrheim topped the field with scores of 99, with Carter winning the shoot-off.

The 12 gauge event saw lower than usual scores, and two scores of 100 shot by John McDonald and Bill Myers, with John taking the gun champion honors in the shoot-off.

Despite the heat kicking up a notch in the afternoon, 7 shooters shot 100 straight in the 20 gauge event: Brandon Cade, John Castillo, Barry Haley, Tami Myers, Hank Schmidt, Shawn Scott and Carter Wehrheim. Carter prevailed in the shoot off to win the 20 gauge event.

Sunday dawned hot, bright and calm, perfect conditions for eating ice cream in the shade. In the 28 gauge event, perfect 100s were shot by Brandon Cade, John Castillo, Stewart McCoin, Bill Myers and Carter Wehrheim. Stewart won the hotly contested shoot off for the 28 gauge title.

As the heat grew and the hydration levels shrank, Stewart McCoin and Shawn Scott stayed focused enough to shoot 100s in the 410 event, with Stewart edging Shawn out for the 410 title.

With a score of 398, Stewart McCoin of Oklahoma is the 2010 Big Orange HOA Champion. John Castillo, Carter Wehrheim and Shawn Scott shot 397s, with Carter taking runner-up and John third place.

The Ladies Champion is Tami Myers with a score of 391.

Thanks to all of the participants for fighting through the hot and stormy weather. See you next year.

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