Friday, September 24, 2010

Summer Doubles League

The summer doubles league wrapper up on September 14th. The league was well run and executed by Steve Calhoun, and was our first skeet league to use the handicap bird race instead of teams shooting head to head for points. This will allow future leagues to have more than eight teams without going past ten weeks of shooting (like the last spring league).

Here are the top three teams:

Team 9 - 1,902 points
Arterburn, Atkinson, Brooks, Butcher, Cotton

Team 2 - 1,895 points
Calhoun, Chandler, Johnston, Powell, Thomas

Team 7 - 1,878 points
Cox, Hamman, Martin, Porter, Tune


Doug Thomas - 379
Richard Chandler - 377
Jimmy Powell - 374

Doug Thomas - 5
Richard Chandler - 4
Arterburn, Porter, Powell - 3

Thanks to all of the shooters and helpers.

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