Monday, February 17, 2014

February 2014 Sporting Clays Results

Thanks to all the shooters for coming out and all the volunteers who helped set up and take down the course.

The course shot a little harder than it should have due to the wind shifting about 30 degrees, but there were still lots of good scores posted.

HOA winner was Larry Collier.

Lewis Class winners were:
Larry Collier
Reid Herdman
Clay Hinds
Don Henslee
Jay Gage
Allen Lundy

Charlie Beard shot one bird too many to make it a clean sweep by the ECSC board. (All ties were broken by coin flip).

Here are the results for all shooters:

Larry Collier 90 1st
Reid Herdman 88 2nd
JB Bagely 87
Darian Mock 86
Craig Cain 86
Tyler Trinastich 86
Buddy Ehart 86
Doug Thomas 81
Jake Hinds 81
Marc Richman 81
Key Strickland 78
Will Perry 78
Larry Turner 77
Charlie Beard 77
Clay Hinds 76 1st
Don Henslee 76 2nd
Grant McGinness 76 3rd
Wayne Johnston 76 4th
Richard Chandler 75
Bob Jaecks 74
Sonny Wills 68
Jim Vernor 67
John Tabor 67
Red Nickel 67
Tony Fairless 65
Andrew Staton 65
Chad Wammack 64
Nick Harrington 64
Jay Gage 63 1st
Allen Lundy 63 2nd
Mitchell Yarborough 62
Marcus Edwards 62
Ralph Jones 61
Mike Hamock 57
Robert Strickland 56
Gordon Scott 55
Ian Brown 53
Katy Hinds 53
Brian Goodloe 52
Scott Hudson 51
Donny Fairless 50
Rachel Sackett 39
Sierra Fairless 26
Jean Beard 18

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